Geek's Guide to the Galaxy

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  David is the co-host, along with John Joseph Adams, of the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast, an interview and talk show covering science fiction and related subjects.

Want to give the show a try? Here's a list of our guests:

Season Two (2011) - Produced for

Martin Valente Yu Kirkman
Bear Gilbert Boylan Card
Ouellette Roberson Tyson Stracher
Foster Abraham Roach Kushner
Denmead Pegg Valentine Wilson
Colfer Mieville Harris Butcher
Dawkins Stephenson Grossman Salvatore
Palahniuk Selznick McDonald  

Season One (2010) - Produced for

Faliszek Bacigalupi Singer Liu
Dunning Priest Eley Charlton
Vaughn Rogers Philippe Olsen
Langan Black Carlin Coulton
Novik Garcia Wasserman Kintisch